Teams: Selection and Equalization


We are expecting to host:


8 teams with 12-15 skaters(various skill levels) plus a goalie on each team for Fall & Winter seasons. 4-6 teams usually participate during the Summer session.


We try to have two Drafts before each new session. Any new players MUST attend a Draft. These also serve as an Open Hockey that is a bonus to paid-up members.


Existing OTHC team members will be broken up and re-organized after a Draft is completed. In this way, players get to skate with and know more members.


In the spirit of our league, we will equalize teams throughout the season. If a significant discrepancy develops between teams during the course of a season, players can be “traded” accordingly. The intention is to ensure all teams are reasonably competitive.






Games are played only on Sunday evenings beginning September, January, and June. Each team rotates through the various time slots, with the earliest game being at 6:00 PM and the latest at approx: 9:45PM. All games will be played at The Revolution Ice Centre in Pittston, PA.

Estimated Schedule:

Fall 2013-       Start on 9/8/2013; with Drafts 9/4 & 9/6, 8:00pm

Winter 2014-   Start on 1/12/2014; with Drafts 1/5 & 1/8, 8:00pm

Summer 2014- Start on 6/1/2014; with Drafts 5/18 & 5/21, 8:00pm





The Revolution Ice Centre will require an individual player fee of  $265 before playing your first game. For sake of convenience, it is highly recommended that you pay upon initial Registration.


Included in costs will be: 15 Weeks of Games (includes Playoff system decided by vote, and typically takes 4 weeks and includes all teams until finals nights) Referees; Scorekeepers and a trophy for the winning team. 12 Weeks of Games (includes Playoff system decided by vote, and typically take 3 weeks and includes all teams until finals nights).





Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I get into the League?


Show up at one of the Drafts and bring the Non-refundable deposit payment of one half, or full fee of $265 and sign some forms. A full Payment is required by Week #2. New players MUST ATTEND one Draft session and inform the Commissioner of prior playing experience and background.


2. What are the eligibility criteria?


We will operate as an adult oldtimer house league. You must be 35 years of age or older by Dec.31st of the current season.



3. What caliber is the League?


Most players have competed in other adult recreational leagues and have usually played some level of competitive hockey in the past. This is not a League for players fresh out of ‘Learn To Play’ class. We ask that you have played at least two full seasons of Novice League hockey before coming out. The league would be estimated to be a high C to a low B level; with mixed skill levels of A to C.



4. How are players assigned to teams?


At the start of each season we will hold a player draft at which the Draft Coordinator or Commissioner assigns players of various levels to each team. Once the season starts, some players may be moved/traded to different teams to improve parity, during the first 3 weeks.



5. Can I request to play with someone?


The League only agrees to such requests on an exception basis where a sound rationale has been given (e.g. car pool arrangement). You can list a car pool buddy on sign-up form.



6. What about uniforms?


Each team must be equipped with like-colored jerseys with a Logo and uniquely assigned  numbers on the back. This was typically an additional cost of $30 to get decent NHL-striped League jerseys delivered for everyone with a 3 week lead time. Captains have recently elected to acquire their own Team Jerseys, so as a League we ask that new players conform to each Team’s standard and purchase a matching jersey.



7. How will I know if I’ve been accepted into the League?


You will receive an e-mail confirmation from your Captain or League Commissioner. You need to be part of the League Email distribution list. The Commissioner will send a Weekly Update and the Rosters and Schedules. At the beginning of each season, all will be sent out in one Introduction Email.



8. When do I have to pay?


A current-dated check/accepted Credit Card covering the full fee(remaining after Deposit) must be submitted to the Revolution Ice Centre before playing your first game. All Members must be paid in Full by Week #2. Summer season will typically cost much less.



9. Are slap shots allowed?


Yes, the League does not operate by any specific Oldtimer hockey rules which usually do not permit slap shots.



10. Do I have to wear a face shield?


A CSA/HECC approved facial protector (not altered in any way) is required. Minimum coverage is ½ shield.



11. Do I have to worry about USA Hockey Registration?


YES, you must Register online with USA Hockey and have a valid Membership number. Proof is required at Registration. This may be an additional fee of $40 to cover the whole year(Aug 31st to Aug 31st).



12. What happens at the Draft?


A player trying out must register at least a half an hour before the scheduled session so the Commissioner/Draft board can identify him/her with a specified jersey number and color. If a player cannot attend the try-out his/her name must be submitted to each representative of the teams, so they have knowledge of everyone available in the draft. The current last place team for that league will have the option of adding any new players to their roster once the season commences. If the last place team does not want to roster that player, the next to last place team will get the chance. This will continue until the player is placed on a team(if positions are available).



13. I can be Traded?


During the Registration, you can simply add a ‘No Trade’ clause on your form if it bothers you. We are also thinking of imposing a ‘Trade Deadline’ by game #4. It would totally be up to the Captains to negotiate together, and for equal…maybe you might want to play with a different bunch?



14. How can we(league organizers) make this the most fun?
Please come to the Draft/meeting and ask questions. Please forward all of your comments to: chris@hattrickhockey.net


Chris Becker

OTHC Commissioner







OTHC (Old Time Hockey Club)  Game Format & Penalties


Each game will consist of three, 18 minute running clock periods. The clock will only be stopped for following:


· Penalties (Minors are 2:30, Majors are 5:00, Misconducts are 10 Mins)

· Goals

· TimeOuts (1 Minute, each team)

· Injury


Officials will drop the puck for Faceoffs in such time as one whole team is lined-up, and if an opposing team cannot line up(in that same period of time) or delays intentionally; the puck will be dropped!  The waiting and delaying makes for poor hockey and we would like it removed from the game.


If at the 2-minute mark in the third period, the score is tied or within three goals, the clock will run on stopped time. Each game will have a Warm-up period of 4 minutes after the scheduled time.


Blue-Line Icing (must cross your own Blue line before Icing is permitted)



Overtime- Regular Season

If tied, One 5 min Running-time period of 5-on-5 will be played. If no goals, game ends in a tie.


Overtime- Playoffs
If a playoff game is tied after regulation time has expired, 18 min Running Clock periods of 5-on-5 will be played as Sudden Death until a winner is decided.


All penalties incurred during the third period of regulation time will be in effect.





Fair play and sportsmanship should prevail at all times.


USA Hockey rules should prevail and the following are enhancements to help enforce Fair play and sportsmanship. These rules were created and refined by the Members of this league to create a safe and better place to play Hockey for those that “have to get up in the morning and go to work”.


Mandatory ‘Sign-in’ in the lobby before each game is enforced. You must have a legible and unique Jersey Number on your back. You must wear and Register the same Number for the season.


Questioning of Stats must be done immediately following each game. Captains are expected to review the Scoresheets and to make changes accordingly. Once, the night is over, the Stats can not be changed and will become official Statistics of the League.



Any player who incurs ANY THREE PENALTIES in one game will be ejected from that game. A game ejection shall not carry any suspension unless the last penalty is a game misconduct or major in the third period. A repetition in game ejections for any player or team can result in suspension.


A minimum 10 minute Misconduct in addition to what is normally called penalty shall be assessed to any player who, in the referee’s judgment, is guilty of unnecessary rough play. When an injury results from this infraction a major penalty plus a game misconduct may be assessed. All 10 min Misconducts will be carried over to the next game!



“Any player who engages in fisticuffs will be issued a game misconduct, a minimum $100 fine and a further suspension from that league for a length of time determined by the Officials, the Fun Police Committee and/or the other Team Captains.”

· Fighting can bring immediate ejection from the league

· Fighting punishment is supplemental to what USA Hockey dictates. OTHC may also determine a Fight occurred regardless of what is written on the Game scoresheet.

· Fighting punishment will be decided after a review of each case has taken place; and voted on by an elected group: Officials, the Fun Police Committee and/or the other Team Captains. The accounts of anyone on the same team will be thrown out, and an average taken by all others in that group. Because all cases vary widely, there is no set guideline for length of suspensions. This is by far the fairest way possible to help curb rough stuff in Men’s Rec League hockey; to have a jury of your peers where all of the facts are reviewed.

· Repeat offences will be factored in each decision.



Fair play and Good Sportsmanship should prevail at all times. Name calling & foul language doesn’t belong in the game, But Respect of opponents and a Hand shake do.





Goalie Contact    (as agreed by all Captains of the OTHC)
All efforts should be made to avoid contact with our Goalies. This rule has been revised to adhere strictly to USA Hockey Rulings (Read and Understand the attached Goalie Interference Outtakes).



Goaltender interference (USA Hockey)


Rule 633 Slashing

(d)A minor penalty shall be imposed on any player who makes stick contact with an opposing goalkeeper while he is in his goal crease, who has covered or caught the puck, regardless of whether or not the Referee has stopped play.


Rule 621 Interference

(c) A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who, by means of his stick or his body, interferes with or impedes the movements of the goalkeeper by actual physical contact, while he is in his goal crease unless the puck is already in the crease.


(e)If a player of the attacking team has been physically interfered with by the action of any defending player so as to cause him to be in the goal crease, and the puck should enter the goal while the player so interfered with is still within the goal crease, the “goal” shall be allowed.


Situation 9

May a player who has control of the puck back into the goal crease (the goalkeeper is in his crease) prior to the puck going into the crease?


No.   Rule References 621(c & d).

Even if a player has possession and control of the puck, unlike carrying the puck over his attacking blue line, he is not permitted deliberate entry into his opponent’s goal crease ahead of the puck, unless the goalkeeper is out of the crease. Should this occur, play must be stopped (and any resulting goal disallowed) and the ensuing face-off must be held at the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot.



Rule 606 Charging

(b) A minor or a major penalty shall be imposed on a player who body checks or charges a goalkeeper while the goalkeeper is within his goal crease or privileged area.

A goalkeeper is NOT “fair game” just because he is outside his privileged area. A penalty for interference or charging should be called in every case where an opposing player makes unnecessary contact with a goalkeeper. Likewise, Referees should be alert to penalize goalkeepers for tripping, slashing or spearing in the vicinity of the goal.


Situation 2

A goalkeeper, outside his privileged area, passes the puck to a teammate and is body-checked by an opponent before any other player touches the puck. Should a penalty be imposed on the opponent?


Yes, provided the player had sufficient time to avoid the check after the goalkeeper passed the puck. Rule References 606(b) and 640 (b).

A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside his privileged area.


 OTHC Fines and Suspensions – An attacking player who, in the judgment of the Referee, initiates contact with the goalkeeper, whether inside or outside the crease, in a fashion that would otherwise warrant a penalty, will be assessed an appropriate penalty (minor or major and/or game misconduct) and will be subject to additional sanctions as appropriate pursuant to supplementary discipline by Fun Police, and/or Captains and Commissioner.



This is a Members-Only club that is allowing only paid-up individuals to participate. Any violation will cost the team a forfeit and fine of $100.




Due to the balancing of the teams, this cannot be allowed. Exception would be allowed for Goaltenders.




Worth repeating:
Fair play and sportsmanship should prevail at all times. Please participate and support  your captain in Tailgating efforts. Special League sponsored events such as the Dave Burke Memorial Hockey Tournament need your help. Please promote and support our events.


Thank You,

Chris Becker

OTHC Commissioner